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Instagram Photo Download

Instagram users love the ability to browse and connect with millions of amazing content creators all over the internet. Whether you use it to share photos with select friends and family or to show off your travels, food or art to millions of followers, Instagram caters to your creativity. Instagram is also a great tool for business accounts and the ever-growing influencers who post unique and inspirational posts that fuel the creativity of other aspiring creators.

While Instagram offers features allowing users to create collections of their favorite content, some users like to save their inspirations directly to their phone’s photo gallery. Saving good quality photos to your phone may be difficult to do through the Instagram app, but our Photo Downloader makes it easy. You can save any photos posted from public Instagram accounts directly to your phone by using our Photo Downloader tool. Photos from Instagram are downloaded in its original quality for you to view offline and have it securely saved in your phone for your convenience.

How does the Instagram Photo Downloader Work?

Just like our other downloader tools, our Photo downloader is fast, secure and easy to use. If you’re scrolling through Instagram and you run across a photo that you want to download for safekeeping and easy access at a later time, simply tap on the options button found on that post and tap on the “Copy Link” button. Once the link is copied to your clipboard, open our website and go to the “Instagram Photo Downloader” option. Paste the link into the search bar and tap search. Wait for our website to finish doing its magic, and within seconds, you will see the results with a big, blue download button under it. Tap on the download button and voila! The photo can now be saved to your device in high quality.

Why Use Instagram Photo Downloader?

Downloading directly to your device makes it easier to share the photo with friends and family using the messenger app of your choice. It also ensures that the amazing photo you found will not suddenly disappear because an account or post was suddenly deleted.

Instagram isn’t just used to post pictures of your prized possessions, but for finding recipes, décor ideas, life hacks, and so much more. If you’re collecting images of beautiful homes for inspiration on your new construction or recipes for a party you are planning to make, saving photos to your device can help ensure you have the content for offline viewing and safekeeping. Some users find inspiration using other sites, such as Pinterest, and they want to have all their ideas in one place, which is made possible by using our site.

Can I download Instagram photos from private accounts?

We take privacy seriously and do not want to infringe on the trust of the private user. We respect that certain users want their content hidden from the public. The short answer is no, you cannot download photos from private accounts. With millions of public accounts and billions of fun, creative and educational content on Instagram, you should not have a problem finding a similar post that is publicly available.

Will users be notified if I download their photos on Instagram?

When you view certain content on Instagram, such as another user’s story, the user can see if you viewed their content. While using our Photo Downloader, your identity is completely anonymous, and the user will not be notified if you download their photos. So, enjoy the photos in complete anonymity and with peace of mind.