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What is Instagram Reel Downloader?

So, you think your Snapchat and YouTube edits are good? Well, you have a lot to learn from the masters. Instagram reels are becoming increasingly popular for professional designers, photographers, and artists who want to display their work in the best possible light and on a wider platform. The popularity of these sorts of videos is rising rapidly thanks to the growing number of creative professionals, and even ambitious amateurs, who use them.

If you find a funny, informative or inspiring video that you want to share with your friends outside of Instagram, you will find it impossible, since Instagram won’t let you save the videos straight to your device. This is where our Reels Downloader comes in. Our tool allows you anonymously save any reel video in high quality directly to your device.

How to Download Instagram Reels

Some websites use a bunch of unnecessary steps and make it really complicated to download reels. We make it so simple and user friendly that the process may be fun for you. All you must do is go to the reel you want to download on Instagram and find the options button on that post. The options list will present you with a “Copy Link” option. Once the link is copied to your clipboard, navigate to our website and visit the “Reels Downloader” page. On that page, simply paste the link into the search bar and tap search. Our software will do the heavy lifting and get the exact link for you to download the reel. Once the results have loaded, tap on the big, blue download button and voila! The video will now download to your device.

Why use Instagram Reel Downloader?

People are becoming a bit obsessed with the idea of having entertaining content delivered to them in short clips. Creating seconds-long clips are quick and easy, which leads to millions of new reels available daily, and allows the average user to grow in popularity. The content featured in reels can range from hilarious videos to beautiful moments that create a visual imprint of how people were feeling or what was happening in their lives at the time. Creating original content that hits close to home with viewers allows users to connect with hundreds or thousands of people.

Whether you’re a viewer or a creator, you will always find a reel that stands out from the others, and you might want to save it for future references, like offline viewing or sharing with friends who don’t have Instagram. Instagram does not let you download straight from their app, so we created a hassle-free tool allowing you to safely download your favorite reel from Instagram.

With the InstaDP Reel Downloader tool, you can efficiently download the video to your device and share it with friends and family.

Can I download Instagram reels from private accounts?

If you are following an account that is private to the public, we will not violate that user’s privacy. Our website will not allow you to download reels from any private account; however, with the millions of public accounts that have granted permission for you to view and share their reels and photos, you can find similar content to download.

Will users be notified if I download their reels on Instagram?

When you view certain content on Instagram, the user can see if you viewed their content. Our website does not require you to provide any personal information, so you are completely anonymous while using our site to view and download videos or reels from Instagram. You can enjoy the videos in complete anonymity without worrying the user will somehow discover that you downloaded one of their photos or videos.