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Download Videos from Instagram Easily

Whether someone has millions of followers or a select handful, any Instagram user can post an original, entertaining video on their page for the world to see. You can spend hours watching these funny or inspirational videos on Instagram using the explore page. The explore page caters to your interests and provides numerous brand-new videos for you to discover daily.

Millions of videos are uploaded daily to educate, announce events, inspire, or entertain both Instagram users and non-users. Our Instagram Video Downloader allows you to download any publicly-available video directly to your device for offline viewing and safekeeping. If you’re worried the video might get deleted and you won’t be able to view it again, just use our website to save it onto your device, where you’ll have free, unlimited access to the video.

How to Download Instagram Videos

Our video downloader for Instagram is so simple to use that after using it just once you’ll never want to use another website again. With millions of awesome videos on Instagram, you might run across some videos that you want to download to your device.

To download a video from the Instagram app, simply find the options button on that video, then tap the “Copy Link” option. Once the link is copied to your clipboard, navigate to our website and tap on the “Instagram Video Downloader.” On the video downloader page, paste the link into the search bar and tap search. Once our website is done doing its magic, you will see the results in a matter of seconds. Underneath the loaded video, you will see a big, blue download button. Tap on the blue download button, and the video can now be viewed and saved to your device in high quality.

Why use Instagram Video Downloader?

One of the main reasons you would want to download an Instagram video and save it directly to your phone is to ensure that the video will be available whenever you want to view or share it. Sharing the video is also easier when you have direct access to the link. Instagram will only allow you to send the video to other Instagram users, yet if the video is saved onto your phone, you have the option to share it with your friends or family using the messenger app of your choice.

Saving a favorite video also allows you to view the video offline when you are not able to connect to the internet. You can create a collection on your personal device of all your favorite Instagram videos and watch whenever you want without having to launch the Instagram app to find the video again. Our video downloader is also an excellent tool for creating a collection of your favorite exercising videos, recipe tutorials, or any other creative content customized to your needs.

The benefits and reasons for saving Instagram content are endless, but our website helps generate high quality results and can change the way you use social media.

Can I download Instagram videos from private accounts?

Certain users want their content hidden from public view, and we respect their decision to remain private. For as long as the account is set to private, you are not able to download any of their posts using our website.

With millions of public accounts and billions of funny, creative and educational videos on Instagram, you should not have a problem finding a publicly-available video to download using our free, reliable tools.

Will users be notified if I download their videos on Instagram?

When you view certain content on Instagram, the user can see if you viewed their content. While using our website and the Video Downloader, your identity is safe and anonymous. There is no way for the user to discover if you downloaded one of their videos by using our website. You can feel free to enjoy your favorite videos in peace without worrying that the user will somehow be notified.